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May Valley Adult Family home was licensed in 2022. Staffed by a loving family who are licensed care givers that meet all the states regulations and are willing to put others needs before their own. Intended to work together with families to provide the best environment and care possible. We hope to serve those that are in need of care and are looking for a place to stay. 


About the HOME

Built in 2021 with the intention and background knowledge to make it as comfortable and safe for the staff and residents. The home is divided to two halves: one section for the staff to live in and the other is for the residents. The residents section is equipped with its own kitchen, diningroom, living room, public restrooms and 5 bedrooms. Two of the 5 bedrooms have their own bathrooms for private residents. The home also has a beautiful back yard with plenty of space to go on a stroll and many more projects at hand to make the place more entertaining!

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